Which Mobile Ad Format Works Best For The User Experience?

By ADTACK Marketing on November 03, 2016

Creating mobile ads is both an art and a science.bigstock--139537445.jpg Successful ads don’t disrupt a site so much that visitors become aggravated with the ad, yet they are designed to get attention and engage visitors. New research reveals the best way to strike the proper balance.

Noticeable, But Not Intrusive

The study tracked four metrics: eye movement, heart rate, electrodermal activity, and attitudinal response, as visitors looked at mobile ads in four different formats. The formats examined were:

  1. Interstitial as, which are full-screen transitional ads
  2. Adhesion banners, which are standard banner ads
  3. In-stream banners, which are banner ads located in the midst of content
  4. Lower-right ads, which are small ads located in the lower right of the screen

The interstitial ads and adhesion banners proved to be the least effective of the four formats. While a large percentage (71 percent) of visitors viewed interstitial ads, they were mostly looking for how to close them. A small percentage, 11 percent, of visitors could recall the brand advertised. Adhesion banners were easily ignored, with only 38 percent of people noticing them and even then, only for an average of 1.6 seconds.

Both in-stream banners and lower-right ads had high engagement rates. People looked back at in-stream banners four times on average. Although in-stream banners are somewhat intrusive, the biometric response of visitors suggested the ads weren’t annoying. The lower-right ads were even more successful. They were viewed an average of six times and 20 percent of visitors looked at the ads for at least 1 minute.

Advanced Mobile Ad Design

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Published by ADTACK Marketing November 3, 2016