Engaging Clients Via Social Media to Grow Your Tourism Business [2019]

By ADTACK Marketing on June 18, 2019

Travel business social media effortsAs a tourist, part of your excitement comes from exploring the area, learning about the culture, and experiencing new adventures.

As a local tour guide, you know that you need to utilize social media as a necessary tool. Marketing your business using every means possible is vital and in turn, will help increase your guided tours and attractions business.

Stay Current

You’ll find that your target audience searches online for things to do and suggested activities prior to traveling. To reach the largest audience, your business needs to be online and connected through various avenues of social media.

Keeping a presence online can help you stay on top of the trends (like planking, owling, dabbing…) and showing your business’s personality if you choose to participate in them.

While staying current, you can also see where your target audience is visiting and what they are doing while they are there. This can help you hone your services to appeal to your visitors and ensure that you aren’t wasting valuable resources.

Each city and town is unique, but you can still tailor your tours to what your audience wants.

Online Reputation

An online presence that is both strong, and positive, is very important. Most of the time, when beginning their research, people start online, starting with highly, positively reviewed tours or looking at negative reviews at which ones to avoid.

The faster, and empathetic you are to respond to reviews, the better you look to the outside world, even the negative ones. By addressing the reviews, you are showing potential customers that you have their well-being in mind and that they can expect a company that cares.

A vacation is an investment for many consumers and trust is key for those consumers to spend money with your company. By showing that you are paying attention, you build trust without ever interacting with them.

Interacting with comments and chats that your company page receives can help show your company’s personality as well as how invested your business is in visitors.

Be Flexible

Remember, just because a marketing strategy worked previously doesn't mean it will work moving forward. Adjusting your strategy is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business.

Using social media to market your tour guide business is something that needs to be taken seriously.

After all, it is great for generating business leads and increasing revenue. An experienced marketer in the tourism industry might be worth the extra expense, particularly if you are new to social media.

Setting and forgetting your social media isn’t really an option either, as current events can impact your marketing efforts, like cruise ship crashes or helicopter accidents. Posting insensitive or untimely content can backfire.

Monitor your efforts carefully and modify as you go.

Embrace Technology

If social media is new to you, it can be scary to make the marketing jump to social media and learn a new way to conduct business.

With e-commerce sites and book now buttons, booking guided tours to attractions is easier than ever.

However, if you don't adapt, your business can be negatively impacted. Your competition will certainly adapt. Take the time to learn about social media or hire someone to help to stay ahead of the trends.

Know Your Audience

The most recent generations grew up with computers and they are extremely internet savvy. If they can't find your business online, chances are you won't gain them as clients.

Keeping your business listing current on Google and other directories is critical. Misinformation can be one of the most detrimental things that your business can experience.

In addition to your business listings, you want to make sure your reviews and comments are being watched, as mentioned earlier.

Think Broadly

The biggest mistake your company can make is only thinking about a single country, like the US. The middle class is growing in various countries, which means more and more people are traveling, and this means more business for you.

By only marketing to one specific country, you are missing out on possible customers. You may want to consider having your site available in your target audience’s preferred language as well as your own language if they differ.

Don't Wait

Regardless of whether you already have an online presence or are just starting one, it's important to analyze your social media strategy. Constant analysis can reveal what works, what doesn’t and how you can improve what you have.  

With so much competition in the tourism industry, it's imperative to maximize your online presence. Set yourself apart from the crowd and maintain your standing above your competition.

Content Marketing

It's not enough to simply have your business on Facebook or Twitter, it's important to have quality writing on your social media pages.

Search engines like Google are able differentiate websites with high quality writing from websites with poor grammar and writing. Your social media efforts can be boosted by quality blog writing as you share them to various outlets.

The ADTACK Difference

Social media can be confusing and time consuming. However, with the right team at your side, it can be successful and profitable.

When you'd like to learn more about growing your business via social media, don't hesitate to contact ADTACK. For a free consultation, call 702-270-8772 or fill out our online form.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing June 18, 2019