Struggling with Social Media? Try These  5 Tips!

By ADTACK Marketing on June 17, 2019

bigstock-Social-Media-Smm-Marketing-S-273908956With an estimated 2 billion people on social media, it has become a necessary part of online marketing. However, simply creating a few profiles isn't enough to propel your brand onto the social scene.

Building strong relationships with your followers, like any real life relationship, takes work, dedication, and commitment. However, if you're like many busy professionals, making and maintaining a great social media presence can seem overwhelming for dozens of reasons.

In the spirit of enhancing your online experience, tackle these challenges with these 5 strategies:

Set a Goal.

The successive steps are worthless if you don’t know what you want to accomplish with social media. Do you want views on your articles? Do you want to create a social culture around your brand?

Setting your goals will be the first step to a social media strategy. When you know what you’re trying to do, you will at least have a direction to start with and a checklist to follow. Your goals may change as you get more involved with your social media.

Make sure that you answer the following questions:

  • Who do you want to read your content? (Audience)
  • Where do you see your audience?
  • What message do you want to convey?

Schedule and plan.  

In a world driven by deadlines, and meetings, social media tends to find its way to the bottom of the priority pile on a regular basis.  

Tasks without concrete timelines are easy to pass off in favor of  seemingly more important priorities, but this pitfall can eventually lead to your social media extinction.

So, how to do you squeeze socialization into your ever-busy schedule?  Schedule it! Allocate time every week dedicated solely to your social media must-dos.

Put it on your calendar so mistaking this slot for availability will not be an option, and commit to your social media presence. Dedicate this time as if it were a client meeting. Don’t reschedule it.

To make your time worthwhile, create a list of the things you want to accomplish so you can run straight down your task list.  Pick up where you leave off the next time so you can ensure to touch on every task and topic. Try to make this a daily routine, as some timely responses may be necessary.

Curate Original Content.  

Content marketing is a big deal these days. Search engines favor companies that post valuable, and relevant articles. Consumers are far more likely to engage with businesses that present themselves as authority figures.

Finding ways to maintain constant creativity and ongoing unique content can make a difference in your marketing plan.

This is a difficult task for most marketers and small business leaders for a number of reasons.

It takes:

  • Time to curate content,
  • Creativity to continually come up with topics and titles and
  • Talent to spin the words into stories your readers want to read.

If you're not sure where to start, seek the assistance of a content marketing agency, like ADTACK.  

Content marketing agencies usually employ or contract professional writers who make it their business to make their clients' content as appealing as possible.

By outsourcing your content, you free up your time for other areas (like posting your content).

Measuring Up.  

Lastly, look at the data. How do you know how well your social media is doing if you don't mark it with metrics?  Don't ignore the tools you have at your disposal. Most of popular sites (e.g. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter) have handy analytics instruments that tell you exactly how your efforts are doing.  

Taking the time to understand how people are engaging with your brand will actually save you from wasting valuable time with ineffective posts in the future. As you learn more about your customers' behaviors, you can hone in on content that truly attracts them.

Once you understand what your audience wants to see, you can curate your content to be successful. Using helpful tools can help to prompt ideas for further implementation for your other social media channels.

Check Your Competitors

We saved this piece for last, as this can be a double-edged sword. Seeing what your competitors sharing can help you curate your content similarly, but you could look like a copy-cat.

However, you can see what works for your competitors (i.e. videos) and explore how you can replicate and improve upon their successes to create your own success.

The ADTACK Difference

When deciding on the best way to manage the social media for your business, our team at ADTACK is ready to help you out.  

No matter if you just need a little direction for your FaceBook strategy or is you need a dedicated social media strategy, we can help. Jump start your inbound marketing efforts by contacting us and requesting your consultation today!

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Published by ADTACK Marketing June 17, 2019