Personalizing Content to Maximize Results

By ADTACK Marketing on May 05, 2017

bigstock-Handshake-of-two-business-men--42754672.jpgWhen most people think about personalized content, they think of software that sticks someone's first name into an email so it seems like it was crafted just for her. Not only is that so 1997, but we can also do a whole lot better than that. Today's personalized content strives to understand more than just the reader's name, but also her daily routines, shopping habits, likes and dislikes, and more. Ready to take personalization to a new level? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Personalize You

We all know that using names is one path to personalization, but don't forget that customers also like to feel like they're communicating with a real person. Start right now by removing the generic company name from your email sender's lists (or worse, the "no-reply") and put in a real person from your organization and end each message with an email signature containing a photo of that person and direct contact information.

Divide & Conquer

Consumer data exists to make you better at your job. Use it to divide and segment your databases so you can get the right messages in front of your targets. For example, you should be able to identify potential customers that have just discovered you, people who are close to making a purchase but need a little help removing roadblocks, and those who have already made a purchase that you can cross- or up-sell. Each has different needs and trying to meet them all with a single message will result in people who feel like you're not in touch with what they want.

Automated Interaction

Automation can seem like it's the opposite of personalization, but it can be the ultimate tool when used right. For example, if someone has abandoned a shopping cart, that can trigger an automated message with an incentive to complete the purchase. Or, if someone has downloaded an ebook, you can use that to direct them to a customized lead nurturing campaign that provides information that's relevant to that topic rather than generalized information. This process will help prevent you from putting too much pressure too soon (i.e. sending a purchase incentive before the customer is ready to buy) or letting leads die off because you don't have a follow up plan in place.

Bonus: marketing automation can free up your team from repetitive tasks so they can concentrate on the one thing machines cannot do--be creative.

Get Real

The key to making personalization work is to strike the right balance between providing timely, relevant information and being too pushy. Let the data guide your efforts, but don't make the customer feel like you're tracking their every move.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing May 5, 2017