Why PPC Is Important for Your Business

By ADTACK Marketing on March 09, 2021

When creating an internet marketing campaign, you'll encounter a lot of terms that apply to a digital marketing. One of these terms is PPC. This is an important element of any good marketing campaign, but too many people don’t fully understand it, and therefore, don’t use it. 

What Is PPC & How Does It Work?

PPC, better known as “pay per click”, is a form of digital marketing that requires you to pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad. The PPC platform is commonly used on search engines and social media sites.

Companies enter parameters such as the target audience and length of time they want their ad to run, and then state their budget. Whether the ad appears depends on if the user is searching for terms that are relevant for your business, and if you've entered a high enough bid for your ad to be displayed. 

For example, assume that you sell yard products. You might state that you're willing to pay up to $5 per click. When your bid is the highest and the user's search parameters fit your guidelines, the search engine will display your website.

Remember, you aren't charged for the displaying of your ad; you only pay when someone actually clicks on it. Your actual cost-per-click can also be less than $5 (your max bid), depending on the competition.

What Are the Benefits of PPC?

You may think, “why would I want to pay for ad clicks?” 

There are multiple benefits to integrating PPC into your marketing campaign. One advantage is that PPC tends to have a high return. For each dollar you spend on your PPC campaign, you're likely to earn double that in sales. Another positive aspect of this type of marketing is that it allows you to target your advertising. When you state the parameters for your campaign, you control multiple details, including:

  • The days and times your ads display
  • The keywords that trigger your ads
  • Keywords that you don't want to activate your ads
  • Your preferred user demographics
  • Your preferred user device

If your campaign isn't performing as strongly as you want, it's easy to adjust it so that it offers a better return on your investment. Should you discover that a particular keyword or demographic isn't converting to sales, it's simple to exclude them from your campaign metrics. 

Why Is PPC Important for Your Business?

PPC is essential for businesses because it gives such rapid results. Once you set up your campaign, your site will start displaying your ads the next day. This makes it easy to use PPC for long-term business growth or to use it as a tool for a short-term event (like a holiday sale).

Your campaign will also improve the overall performance of your webpages. Even if users don't click on your ad, they'll still see your website and your business info. This helps increase brand recognition. If the user sees your company's website on a page of organic search results, they're more likely to click on your website because they recognize your company's name. 

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Published by ADTACK Marketing March 9, 2021