What is Dadvertising?

By Ashley Hoppe on September 08, 2015


Dadvertising is advertising that features dads in a positive light in usually heart-warming and family-friendly advertisements.

While you may be unfamiliar with this marketing term, it is very likely you have been exposed to some form of it if you have watched television over the last few years and in particular, this past year. In a nutshell, the term dadvertising refers to advertising that features dads. You may be thinking this is not a new concept because dads have been featured in advertising for quite a while; however, there is a difference to how they are featured in today’s dadvertising.

Resurgence of Dadvertising

For some people, waiting to watch the new commercials that debut on the Super Bowl adds to the excitement of the game. The airing of the Super Bowl has always been a mix of commercials, including those that played to the “sex-sells” philosophy of advertising that have led to controversy.

Over the last several years, and especially in 2015, the mix of advertising has shifted to a different mindset. This year’s Super Bowl features more heart-warming and family-friendly advertisements, featuring dads and their kids.

Negative vs. Positive Portrayals of Dads

In the past, dads were often portrayed as the bumbling buffoon or the workaholic who was too busy to be involved in anything as mundane as family time in many commercials. Most problems dads encountered in these commercials wound up being solved by mom or by buying the product or service that was being offered. This put dads in a negative light as being incompetent.

Stop and think a minute, what if dad were shown in a positive light as the hero or shown taking an interest in their family. How does that make you feel? It makes you feel good, right? It stirs up happy memories of perhaps your own childhood or times spent with your children. Suddenly it is cool to be a dad. So by giving viewers, like yourself the “feels,” advertisers are sending a subliminal message that by buying what they are selling, you too can feel that way again.

Now stop and think about your own advertising, are you bucking this current trend and not seeing the results you were expecting? Employing a dadvertising strategy may be just what you need to appeal to your targeted market.

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Published by Ashley Hoppe September 8, 2015