How to Increase Conversion Rates Through Email

By ADTACK Marketing on August 25, 2016

You can lead a prospect to your website,bigstock-Conversion-Rate-stamp-76050797.jpg but you can't make them buy something—unless your inbound marketing strategy includes a killer email campaign. Your strategy likely includes a mix of quality content, SEO, pay-per-click ads and an email campaign.

Email allows you to deliver strategic, personalized messages to drive people through the sales funnel.

It probably won't happen in a hurry; it's more likely to be similar to water dripping on a stone, slowly creating an impression, because most visitors to your website probably aren't going to make a purchase on their first visit.

Here's a look at five surefire ways to create email campaigns that stand the test of time and increase your conversion rates:

1) Make a positive first impression

The old adage that you only get one chance to make a positive first impression is incredibly true when it comes to inbound marketing.

Start with introducing the brand and what you have to offer. After you've introduced yourself, send your new friends a special, one-time offer to entices them to give they're already on there if you have their email (or even better, to make a purchase).

2) Provide proof

Stories sell, so use compelling stories to provide proof about how well your products work.

Send emails that show your audience how your products and services have made a difference in the lives of real customers. Offer third-party testimonials. And then give your readers specific examples about how they can experience the same results. In fact, this would be a good time to make another limited-time offer because scarcity sells as well as stories.

3) Sell a solution

Now it's time for the sales pitch. But remember, today's consumers don't want to be sold on a product--they want to be sold on a solution.

Carefully craft an emails that lays out a problem prospects are facing and exactly how your products and services will solve it.

4) Say thank you

By now your readers will likely be clicking the "Buy Now" button. And once they do, it's time to thank them for their patronage.

So say thank you and ask them to share their experience with their friends and connections on social media. You might be able to tap into their networks to expand yours--and they'll be creating valuable content for you.

5) Don't give up

After you've developed a killer email campaign, it's time to circle back around to those who haven't converted yet.

Show them what they've missed out on. Tell them about all the other people who've taken advantage of exclusive offers. Send a short survey asking how you can better meet their needs. Never give up on them--because you never know when they might just convert into customers.

Create conversions

If you'd like to know more about using email campaigns to create conversions, contact the experts at ADTACK,  who can help you make positive, lasting impressions.

Published by ADTACK Marketing August 25, 2016