3 Successful Leadership Qualities

By ADTACK Marketing on October 21, 2016

Many qualities of a great leader have been identifiedbigstock-Concept-conceptual-D-male-bus-82608323.jpg but there are a few that seem to stand out as being more important than others. The good news is that these qualities can be learned and they must be learned by the practice and repetition of a new inclusive business model. It's called the collaborative model, which its creator smartly acknowledges is not suited “for every situation." Still, business leaders who embrace this leadership model exude three qualities in particular:

  1. Collaborative leaders set the tone for teamwork. This quality may seem self-evident, but many people still assume leaders should be self-sufficient, “lone rangers” who forge ahead and set an agenda wholly on their own. But a collaborative leader eschews such independence and cultivates an environment that encourages and rewards collaboration on all levels of the organization, not just the top.
  2. Collaborative leaders create a circle of influence. This can be a fairly wide circle. The point is, successful leaders are confident enough in their own abilities and ideas that they aren't threatened by highly skilled people who may challenge their opinions with opposing views. In fact, they encourage this dynamic. They understand that being influenced by other people isn't a weakness; it's actually a strength. Naturally, any behavior can be taken to an extreme, so a collaborative leader also must know when to cut off debate, step up and make the final call with conviction.
  3. Collaborative leaders empower their team. They are skilled at providing direction, guidance and support, but they know when to let go and let their team take the ball and run with it. In other words, they don't attempt to micromanage, understanding it poisons a collaborative business environment and can potentially destroy morale. Since building a competent team is vital, a collaborative leader takes his or her time with the hiring process, looking to strike a balance between professional competence and personal ideals.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing October 21, 2016