You, Too, Can Be Known As “The Great Office Communicator”

By ADTACK Marketing on March 13, 2017

Wouldn’t this scene just make your day – bigstock--144005663.jpgand even your week? Someone is so blown away by your communication skills that they corner you near the office vending machine and just have to know: What are your top 10 secrets? And would you possibly share them so that others can follow your good example?

You blush. You mumble a thank you. You are so flattered and surprised that while you fumble with your M&Ms, you can remember only nine tips because modesty in speech and manner is probably No. 10 anyway.

This scenario can be more than a daydream; this could happen to you as soon as you champion the 10 traits – make that nine traits -- that all great communicators share, whether they’re from the business world or from the world of politics, whether they occupy the highest rung of the corporate ladder or open the front door for those who do:

  • Great communicators eliminate distractions: You’re probably thinking about cell phones, and you’re right. But great communicators are also sensitive to noise and interruptions of all types and won’t let them interfere with communication.

  • Great communicators are active listeners. People think that great communicators are great talkers, but many are actually that rarest of breeds: the careful listener. Great communicators have mastered “the art of the pause,” or ensuring that someone has finished a sentence before jumping in.

  • Great communicators are empathetic. The best ones know that they can “say” more with a look of concern and a nod of the head than many motor mouths can say in pages. Great communicators are so good at conveying empathy that people seek them out to talk.

  • Great communicators are naturally curious and pepper people with questions. Great communicators flatter others with their questions, but this isn’t why they ask. Their curious nature is one of their greatest attributes.

  • Great communicators exude confidence (and often, passion). Confidence and passion no doubt contribute to someone’s presence – that exquisite gravitational pull that draws people in. Great communicators often are graced with a great sense of humor, but never arrogance.

  • Great communicators speak in specific terms. They say what they mean and mean what they say. They might be forceful, but not always. Their clarity and concision springs from education and, thus, confidence.

  • Great communicators simplify the complex through illustrations. They are equally great at telling stories and sharing anecdotes, invoking examples and using metaphors. They can “speak in pictures” to make a lasting impression.

  • Great communicators stay alert to non-verbal cues and tailor their message accordingly. They know that people’s facial expressions, posture, hand gestures and eye contact provide instant feedback – and watch for them carefully.

  • Great communicators practice the art of humility. They freely admit to what they don’t know and ask others to inform and educate them. Deep down, they know: this quality is part of their charm.

If you think there's anything missing from this list, the professional communicators at ADTACK would like to know, via Facebook. What skill or trait should a great communicator possess? Give the matter some thought and then share your ideas – just like a great communicator.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing March 13, 2017