What is the Best Digital Strategy for Consumer Packaged Goods?

By Ashley Hoppe on October 19, 2015


For those representing consumer packaged goods, the digital marketplace has not always been a top focus area. Though not all brands have embraced the power of emerging technologies, at least when it comes to their marketing strategies, those that have are experiencing a positive impact.

It’s not just millennials who are turning to the web when purchasing. E-commerce presents opportunities for just about every market. There’s no arguing that convenience sells, and it’s hard to beat the ease of ordering a product, day or night, and having it delivered right to your door. Your product website should be easy to find, easy to read and easy to purchase from.

Beyond ecommerce purchasing, more and more consumers are also turning to the web and digital apps for information. This means that news and reviews about your product are out there for the world to find, or at least they should be.

Taking control of the information about your brand that’s shared on the web should be a high priority for any consumer packaged goods brand. As your digital marketing plan is developed, it should also include opportunities for getting non-promotional material that is tied to your product on the web.

This might sound counter-productive, but if people are seeking information and you can provide an answer, you’ve now established your brand as the go-to for anything relating to what you’ve got on the market. For example, if you sell playing cards, getting some how-to blogs relating to games you could play with the cards out there for the world to see and then linking your post back to your site, where the cards can be purchased, will boost interest in your product.

Establishing a digital marketing strategy that works isn’t something that happens overnight, however, it is something that’s worth your time and effort. By establishing a digital presence, you prove to your consumers that you provide options and are a leader in your industry. 

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Published by Ashley Hoppe October 19, 2015