Top 5 Ways to Generate Leads for Solar Sales

By ADTACK Marketing on January 19, 2022

With the popularity of solar energy rising every day, learning how to effectively generate leads for solar sales can be a highly competitive process. Your business must compete for potential clients with hundreds of other suppliers offering a similar service. 

Fortunately, inbound marketing is here to change all that! This blog explains how to generate leads for solar sales using inbound marketing and other proven strategies.

Technician installs solar panels on roof of home

1.  Set up a professional website

The gateway to your solar business in this digital era is your website. Setting up a professional website for your company can help generate organic leads and convert visitors into clients. By optimizing your site using SEO and providing the right solutions, you should expect notable results within a few weeks, if not days.

2.  Take advantage of social media

Social media is the next important key that is vital to generating leads for solar sales. After all, many homeowners have social media accounts, even though some of them may not be as active. Create accounts with top platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and post valuable content every day to attract clients.

3.  Utilize paid ads

If your marketing campaigns start to bear fruit, consider utilizing paid ads to distribute your content to a broader audience. You may be producing valuable content and providing viable solutions but not generating enough leads as you desire. This is where paid ads come into play. With many marketers still yielding results from paid advertising, it remains a powerful tactic to include in your inbound strategy.

4.  Start a solar blog

Even though solar energy has been around for a while, very few homeowners have access to the information they need about solar power. The info out there focuses on making sales rather than enlightening the customer. You can choose to be different by starting an educative solar blog. Once readers find out you offer helpful content that answers their questions, they will stream to your business without hesitating.

5.  Have a Google review page

Never doubt the power of testimonials and customer reviews to generate leads for your solar sales. Potential clients want to see proof that your solar solutions work, and there is no better way to do this than setting up a managed Google review page. Previous customers can leave reviews on your Google Review page, helping your business stand out.

Learning how to generate leads solar sales doesn’t have to be complicated if you have a reliable marketing partner like ADTACK by your side. We can help you to increase and convert your leads into customers. Call us today to learn about our inbound marketing solutions!

Published by ADTACK Marketing January 19, 2022