The Top 10 Expert Marketing Ideas for CPA Firms

By ADTACK Marketing on October 18, 2022

If you're ready to grow your CPA firm and increase your profitability, it's time to explore marketing ideas for CPA firms. A strong marketing strategy allows your firm to reach an audience that's more likely to become a new customer. Here are some of the top marketing ideas for CPA firms. 

Happy members of a CPA firm because they implemented marketing ideas for CPA firms

1. Develop a Professional Website

Every CPA firm needs a professional website with a functional, aesthetically pleasing design and high-quality content. Devoting your resources to web development enables you to increase your search engine rankings and create a quality experience for your existing and potential customers. 

2. Utilize a Sound SEO Strategy

Following effective SEO practices increases your online visibility, exposing your CPA firm to a larger number of potential customers. Optimizing content for SEO guidelines can be time-consuming and tedious; consider using an experienced marketing firm to confirm that your content follows established SEO guidelines. 

3. Use Content Marketing to Reach Your Desired Audience

Content marketing uses articles, blogs, eBooks, videos, social media posts, and other online content to attract and engage your audience while establishing your CPA firm's reputation and improving your brand awareness. 

4. Embrace Email Marketing

Email marketing is a traditional, effective component of your CPA firm's marketing campaign. Estimates indicate that email marketing offers an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent

One of the advantages of email marketing is that it allows you to target a specific group of people; this segmentation has the potential to increase your sales by focusing on individuals who are your target audience. 

5. Manage Your Firm's Reputation

It's not realistic to strive for online reviews and ratings that are 100 percent positive. Online ratings that are only positive don't appear authentic and lead some customers to believe that a company is using paid reviews.

Instead, focus on responding to negative reviews so that potential customers see that you care about your clients' experiences. At ADTACK, we utilize resources like GatherUp that make it easier to manage your online reputation. 

6. Use Paid Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy

Pay-per-click ads (PPC) are a cost-effective way to reach your desired audience by using targeted keywords. Adding PPC to your marketing campaign can help you increase your website traffic and boost your number of quality leads, enabling you to convert more of these leads to paying clients.

7. Create Video Content for Your Marketing Campaign

Video content is a valuable addition to your marketing efforts. Adding videos to your marketing strategy enables you to reach and educate potential clients and increase your audience engagement while connecting with clients on a more personal level.

Consumers are increasingly using videos to choose a brand to work with; the average individual spends a whopping 19 hours each week watching videos online. 

8. Host Educational Webinars

Clients value companies that strive to offer useful resources rather than only focusing on selling them something. As a CPA firm, you're in an excellent position to share your specialized knowledge with individuals seeking solutions for their accounting needs. 

9. Start a Podcast to Offer More Educational Resources

Creating a podcast is a terrific way to offer more resources to your clients. However, when recording a podcast, you'll achieve the best results if you focus on producing a professional-grade broadcast with clear audio, an easy-to-follow format, and helpful content.

10. Sponsor Community Events 

Acting as a sponsor for community events (like festivals, recreational sports leagues, and local concerts) is a great way to boost your brand awareness and connect with potential clients. 

What's Next?

ADTACK Marketing has worked with several CPA firms. We know what strategies are effective and we know how to achieve real, measurable results. Ready to embrace new marketing ideas for CPA firms? Connect with ADTACK to get started and see how we can grow your CPA firm!

Published by ADTACK Marketing October 18, 2022