The Benefits of Marketing Automation

By ADTACK Marketing on December 05, 2016

Everyone knows imitation is the highest
form of bigstock-Marketing-Automation-Platform--150039992.jpgflattery. But being asked to write a follow-up piece based on a popular book follows right behind.

ADTACK should know because we were asked to write a blog: The Bright Future of Marketing Automation.”  which serves as a follow-up to a chapter we wrote in the WSI book, Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing.

Two marketing leaders converge

WSI is a network of digital strategy and marketing thought leaders with offices in more than 80 countries. WSI delivers marketing solutions by leveraging its global expertise, specialist partner network and proven methodologies.

One of those thought leaders is ADTACK, one of the country's foremost inbound marketing companies. As such, we specialize in researching, conceptualizing, developing, executing and monitoring customized marketing campaigns.

The fact that a company with the global reach of WSI recognizes our marketing acumen is a particular point of pride for our team.

Marketing automation in the spotlight

This blog notes that nearly 50 percent of all companies employ marketing automation platforms, which “helps marketers make smarter, more informed decisions on budgeting while improving their efficiency. From email to social media, automated resources take some of the burden off human resources and speed up business processes.”

ADTACK deftly refers to marketing automation as “the hub of marketing intelligence,” tracking a buyer's journey from awareness to purchase. Marketing automation also is a “powerful tool for lead nurturing,” and this holds particular promise for businesses that seek to “provide the right information to the right prospects at the right time.” This is no simple task and this article poses a question on the minds of many business owners: How can businesses take advantage of marketing automation to build relationships and drive new revenue?

How businesses can benefit

ADTACK offers three sensible possibilities:

  1. Cross-platform promotion and especially email marketing, marketing automation and sales/CRM automation.
  2. Content revitalization, a task easier accomplished than many business owners may fear. Readers love “top five” and “top 10” lists, so we recommend creating a top-five list from an existing piece of content and then add a Twitter link on the PDF. This tactic can double as a trial balloon, allowing a business to test a new content strategy or focus before investing funds to support them.
  3. Building blocks that enable a business to get a comprehensive view of its marketing automation efforts.

Marketing automation saves money

Marketing automation can help reduce customer acquisition costs. It also “reduces the amount of manpower required and improves lead generation, email targeting, measuring (and) reporting.”

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Published by ADTACK Marketing December 5, 2016