Free Digital Marketing Resources to Utilize During COVID-19

By ADTACK Marketing on April 08, 2020

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has created an unprecedented business environment for many companies. With many cities under stay-at-home orders, it's essential for businesses to adapt their digital marketing strategies to these changing times. This poses a challenge for many companies who have seen decreases in their sales and are now working with a smaller budget. Here are some free resources to help you adjust your operations to the COVID-19 crisis:


Take Advantage of These Free Resources to Help Your Business

Since such a large portion of the population is housebound for an indefinite period, maximizing the success of your digital marketing campaign is more important than ever in today’s business climate. The following resources can help you expand the reach of your digital content:

Free Tools on HubSpot
HubSpot provides software for marketing, sales and customer service. While it already offers a free customer relationship management tool, HubSpot is making even more of its products free to help businesses during COVID-19. 

HubSpot’s virtual meeting feature allows you to share a link with prospects or customers that they can follow to a video chat meeting portal. Starting in April, HubSpot is giving users access to paid meeting functionality tools for free for 90 days and a free resource that provides up to 1,000 personal and team meeting links per portal. Obtaining quotes and e-signatures will be much easier during these uncertain times, as HubSpot also offers unlimited quotes and 10 free signatures per month.

Another feature allows you to create and share videos to use in your email marketing campaigns. These videos can be up to an hour in length and you may share the content with a single customer or an entire group of customers. You can also track the performance of these videos and adjust your strategy as needed.

In addition to the free resources, HubSpot is removing limits and changing prices for small businesses to better accommodate. Calling limits have increased to 2,000 minutes of calling per user, per month in efforts to remove in-person meetings. User pricing increases have been put on hold or reduced, pending on the level of software you chose.

Google Ads Credits
Google Ads is providing ad credits to small and medium-sized businesses. This will permit companies who are facing lower sales and decreased revenue to continue reaching potential customers. If you currently advertise with Google Ads, the credit will show up in your account within the next few months. You can use the credit through the end of 2020 on your preferred Google Ads channel.

Free Tools on SEMRush 
SEMRush is helping businesses improve their online visibility by making a variety of their tools free. The SEMRush social media toolkit is free to use as of April 1; it's a useful resource for scheduling and editing your social media posts. 

Need a little help understanding the ins and outs of your digital marketing campaign? Use your downtime to check out SEMRush's free digital marketing courses. They'll help you learn how to optimize your content using the most efficient means possible.

Communication Resources
Keep in touch with your employees and customers while you're housebound with these virtual communication resources. Slack is an excellent way to continue to collaborate with small groups of industry partners or employees. If you need an option for larger groups, check out Google Hangouts for free video calls ideal for your virtual meetings and conferences.

Oppty is an additional tool that helps you understand and maximize Salesforce to help you generate new leads. You can now use Oppty free of charge to build your pipeline so you're ready when business picks back up. 

Project Management Resources 
Make sure employees are on the same page with Asana's project management solutions. You can collaborate for free with up to 15 people at once. Asana helps your team visually see each project's current status and identify high-priority tasks. 

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Published by ADTACK Marketing April 8, 2020