Failure is Not an Option: Why You Must Launch Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

By ADTACK Marketing on September 27, 2016

emailing_OfficeWorker.jpgMore emails are now opened on mobile devices than on desktops. Different studies cite different stats – anywhere from 53% to nearly 68% – but either way, the trend remains the same. Which means mobile-friendly email campaigns are no longer an option, they’re a must-have. What’s a mobile-friendly email? It’s one that displays optimally on both a mobile device and a desktop, ensuring it’s attractive and easy to digest regardless of where someone reads it. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to make your email campaigns mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly email campaigns

Here are 5 top tips to ensure your email campaigns are on good terms with mobile devices.

  1. Clean design is always important for emails, but even more so when designing for mobile. Available screen space is limited, which makes it all the more valuable. Keep your email’s design clean and simple, and stay focused on the essentials.
  2. Optimize imagery so emails load as quickly as possible. Images are a great way to break up blocks of text but they’re also the number one impediment to fast load times, so limit how many you include.
  3. Highly wisible and clickable CTAs, preferably CSS-created buttons, so people who keep their images turned off can see them. Increase visibility by using an accent color to highlight the button. Use descriptive text to spell out the results of taking action, and make sure the button is large enough to be easily tapped.
  4. Limit navigation. If there is one word that sums up the ideal mobile email, it’s simplicity. One of the best ways to keep it simple is by limiting or eliminating navigation. A clickable logo and CTA button are fine, but anything more may be a distraction.
  5. Distinctive content aayout designed for a 3-second read. Use a single-column template so readers don't have to scroll or zoom no matter their device’s screen size. Use plenty of white space. It increases readability and frames your content in a way that makes it pop. The actual content should be concise and highly scannable. Bulleted lists and short paragraphs are the rule.

Engage subscribers and drive results

People are much more likely to be multitasking when reading emails on mobile devices. That means it’s critical to engage them as efficiently as possible. There are many ways to optimize your email campaigns to get better results, increase open rates, and generate more leads. At ADTACK, we can show you how to make your Las Vegas mobile email marketing campaigns more effective through personalization, effective triggered emails, and social media integration. We invite you to download our free guide to learn more about the ways you can jumpstart your brand’s inbound marketing strategy.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing September 27, 2016