Data vs Creativity: Who Will Win the Marketing Match?

By ADTACK Marketing on October 10, 2017

bigstock-Web-Design-Ideas-Creativity-Cr-134342042.jpgFor a long time, creativity was the driving force in the world of marketing. In another life, advertising was the king of marketing and nearly 100% of that occupation was driven by the task of creating interesting commercials and print ads that appealed the masses. 

As you probably know, today's marketing gurus are far from the folks you'd see on shows like Mad Men. The days of creative thinking aren't gone, by any stretch, but the days of hustling products without having the data to back up sales treks certainly are a thing of the past.

In today's world, data-driven storytelling is the real MVP of marketing. It combines users' expectations with real-world analytics, helping to deliver compelling content that turns into shareable stories. On the other end of the campaign, happy consumers readily share their favorite brands' logos and messages, making marketing efforts last longer with less effort in the long run -- as long as the upfront situation is manufactured well.

How Do You Build Leads with Data-Driven Story Techniques?

When HubSpot speaks, everybody listens. So do we! As an internet marketing company that puts our clients' needs before any algorithms, we have chosen to explore the human interface that makes data sing. As a result, these two components -- numbers and sagas -- come together in ways previously unexplored. The end result is an outstanding combination of SEO-friendly tactics and user-friendly interfaces.

Here's a bit about what you need to know:

Take a Note From Dating Sites' Data

Whether you're single, delving, dipping, dating, marinating, or married, you've probably encountered a conversation or two revolving around dating apps. 

While some of them are better than others, there's one lesson be learned from any dating app: they are all based on data-driven storytelling.

Key takeaways from the entourage of online dating:

  • Craft an incredible profile (or build a great website.)
  • Put your best foot out there, but be sure to be yourself. Organic online appreciation is born from brands that do just enough without doing too little.
  • Speak directly to your suitors. Channel your strengths, then find people who will appreciate them the most. Once you know you you are speaking to, the dating dilemma will be significantly reduced.

Eat Up Eateries' Analytics

Just like online dating, when it comes to figuring out what your ultimate dinner would look like, sites like GrubHub have taken the numbers upon themselves, doling out surveys, quizzes, polls and questionnaires that may be seen an unforgivable in other forums.

Put Your Knowledge to Use

Data and learning are not supposed to drive on a one-way street. Each of these components is intended to bolster companies' unique marketing efforts by incorporating predictive analytics that boost sales while simultaneously staying true to their mission and value statements.

When you know who your consumers are -- and why they love you -- you can build strategies around their buying decisions.

Provide actionable tips and helpful tidbits that enhance your consumers' lives and your data-driven storytelling endeavors will have many more chapters.

Cashing in on Optimal Real Estate

Realtors know the value of space more than any other professional in today's world. Between endless buyer options and competitive sales, what's an expert to do?

Zillow relies on analytics to successfully rank homes that are most likely to be worthwhile to particular viewing audiences. In this space, data-driven storytelling literally sells homes.

What do you need to do to jumpstart your digital marketing efforts? If you need a little help getting started, download our free guide Defining: Digital Marketing to learn how to put real-world advice into your own unique business plan.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing October 10, 2017