8 Simple Ways to Rank Higher on Google Business

By ADTACK Marketing on September 14, 2023

When potential customers in your community search for products or services that your company offers, your ranking on Google Business can determine where your company falls in the results. The closer to the top, the more likely that customers are to visit your page. To make your company more visible to prospective customers, follow these 8 tips to rank higher on Google:

Rank higher on Google Business with ADTACK Marketing in Las Vegas

1. Claim Your Google Business Listing

Make sure that Google has the best information for your business by claiming it. Search for your business on Google Maps, choose the correct address, then select “Claim this business” from its profile.

Follow the instructions to create an account if necessary, to claim ownership of the business, and to verify it.

2. Complete Your Business Listing

Make sure you fill out every section of your Google listing with as much detail as possible. The more that Google knows about your company, the easier it is to rank higher on Google Business.

The most important factors in the search results include the searcher's proximity to your business, how close your business matches the search query, and how popular your business is.

3. Describe Your Business Accurately

Each Google Business listing includes a short description created by Google, as well as a longer section that you can edit yourself. Take advantage of this section to describe what makes your business different from the competition while describing your services, being careful not to duplicate information listed elsewhere.

4. Keep Contact Information Current

The Google Business listing places your contact information front and center, so it is important to keep it up to date so that customers can reach you easily.

Check your business profile often to make sure that the phone number and address are correct, the business hours are accurate, and that your business name matches your website or the signs at your physical location.

5. Add Your Own Photos

Anyone can add photos to a business listing, but they may not be the ideal photos to represent your business. To ensure your company makes a good first impression and draws visitors to your site, upload your own high-quality photos and videos to your profile.

6. Post Frequent Updates

Google allows you to post updates about your business straight to your business’s profile. If you do so regularly, not only can you keep customers informed about your latest news, special offers, discounts, and upcoming events, but you can also rank higher on Google Business by keeping your content fresh.

7. Add Your Products & Services

List all your products and services with concise descriptions of each so that customers can find what they are looking for. These may also be used by Google for searches and linking.

Make sure to select all the categories that apply to your business, as well as its attributes, so that you reach the widest audience possible.

8. Encourage Reviews

Encourage customers to leave reviews for your company, because great reviews can help you rank higher on Google Business while improving your company's visibility.

Thank each customer for the review, and work quickly to resolve any issues or complaints that you may receive.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing September 14, 2023