4 Methods For Obtaining More High Quality Referrals

By ADTACK Marketing on June 28, 2016

It doesn't matter how much money you spend bigstock-Referrals-written-in-search-ba-98388482.jpgon an advertising campaign, a referral from a third party is often much more convincing than anything you might have to say about yourself. Customers are more likely to trust someone that's had a business experience with you. Referrals can help boost your reputation, so it's important you obtain as many as you can. The following are four ways you can get more referrals from your customers:

  1. Ask first-time customers - If someone makes a purchase on your website for the first time, ask them if they can refer you to someone. First-time customers are often more willing to provide referrals than regular customers because their first buying experience was unique. People are generally more excited to share information on a first-time experience than they are on something they experience regularly. So how can you ask first-time customers? Using automation, send a thank you note directly after they make a purchase, whether it's on-site or via email. Include a link to a referral page and simply ask them politely to leave a referral. 
  2. Ask for feedback - Asking for feedback doesn't necessarily equate getting a referral, but it can. First of all, customer feedback can be extremely helpful in pinpointing problem areas with your service and fixing them. But it's also a great way to increase the number of product ratings and reviews on your site. Positive feedback acts as a referral, after all. You can also provide them with a coupon or other incentive to leave feedback, and simply have an option they can uncheck at the bottom that allows you to use their feedback in a promotional capacity.
  3. Ask your LinkedIn connections - Through LinkedIn, you can search for qualified connections using the Advanced People Search. This search tool makes it easy to find potential connections, which you can filter using specifics such as keywords, industry, location, title and more. Once you find someone you want to be connected with, choose the "Connect" button and then the "Get Introduced" option, which allows you to browse through a list of people that are connected with both you and the person you want to be connected to. Choose a connection you think will provide you with a referral and then send them a message requesting an introduction and explaining why you would like to meet that person.
  4. Provide amazing customer service - If you go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your customers are happy, they'll be more encouraged to provide you with a strong referral. Remember, customer service extends to social media - so always respond to comments left on your social channels. This will display your customer service in public, thereby helping build your reputation and increasing your referrals.

Use these four methods to increase your referrals and contact us at 702-270-8772for more advice on how to grow your business leads. 

Published by ADTACK Marketing June 28, 2016